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Welcome to! I hope you find this site useful. The focus of this site is to teach people how to learn things quickly and permanently.

If you are first starting out, I recommend you read my articles on the Memory Palace Technique and Anki. Both of these things I use every day, so I can learn an incredible amount of information in a short period of time.

First You Should Know This: This stuff will serve as the building blocks for all the other types of learning that are taught on this website.

Next Look Into: Here are some awesome things that you are able to memorize with what you have learned so far. Additionally, here are some more techniques.

Advanced: These articles build on the topics you have already learned about, and require some experience with using the previous techniques.

Theory: If you want to learn more about why these techniques work the way they do, then check out these posts.

Taking Care of Your Mind + Body: These articles are about maintaining your mind and body, so you can function optimally.