About Us

Hi, my name is Stephen Fratamico, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and I am the creator of this website. I have been studying and researching techniques for learning for about six years now, and this website is a resource that I have created to help others who are interested in this topic. To understand the usefulness of these techniques and why I created this site, I will tell you a story.

Back in middle school, I was absolutely terrible at math. I would sit through the class, and I would have absolutely no comprehension of the subject. Oftentimes on the quizzes, I felt like I was just regurgitating a process that I was told worked. I was so confused and frustrated. However, in eighth grade, I read a book called Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh about how a long-standing problem in mathematics was proved. In this book, the process of why mathematics makes sense and how equations are created (or in mathematical terms, derived). In this book, I was introduced to proofs, and everything started to make sense. I now had an easy time understanding all the math I learned, and I went on a three year learning spree to learn subjects that most students will never even get to. I read books on subjects such as Set Theory, Abstract Algebra, Tensor Calculus, Boolean Algebras, Algebraic Topology, and Combinatorics. One book laid the groundwork for three years of incredible mathematical learning. And it showed me that anyone can learn anything, as long as you have the strategy right.

TheLearnSmarter.com is all about helping you improve your learning capacity through teaching you methods that allow you to drastically decrease your learning times and drastically increase your comprehension. I will show you tons of methods and strategies that I have picked up over the years, that have allowed me to learn tons of subjects such as science, math, history, psychology, language, and many others.

TheLearnSmarter has three goals:

  1. Show you how to learn subjects rapidly and exhaustively
  2. Demonstrate that anyone can learn anything
  3. Inspire learners to tackle their own ambitious goals

On this site, you will find several kinds of posts. I like to break them down into three kinds. We have posts that teach you learning methods such as the memory palace technique. We have posts that talk about learning theory such as the Von Restorff post. And we have learning challenge posts. The learning challenge posts are my favorite posts because you can see how I push myself to learn incredibly complex subjects in a short amount of time. In those posts I will link any methods I use, and I will try to outline my process as clearly as possible.