How to Memorize Your Credit Card Number Fast

Okay, so let’s say your like me, and you have a bad memory for random numbers. Personally, I find it a pain to run and grab my credit card every time I need to make an online purchase. It would be so much easier if I could just recall it from memory. Well, today I am going to show you, how I memorized my credit card number.

Now this technique will work for any number sequence. You could use it for your social security number, phone numbers, ID numbers, or any other important number you may want to memorize, but I particularly just want to know my credit card number.

Number Letter System

So, this number letter system (also called the major system), you will need to memorize. But, once you have it down, you can use it to store any numbers you want. Now for our system, we will assign each number to a consonant sound as follows:

  • 0 is s or soft c
  • 1 is d or t (1 looks like t)
  • 2 is N (N sideways is 2)
  • 3 is m (3 is just a sideways m)
  • 4 is r (the fourth letter in four is r)
  • 5 is L
  • 6 is sh or ch
  • 7 is c or k (two sevens put together make a K)
  • 8 is f
  • 9 is P (9 is just a backwards P)

This is the only thing you need to commit to memory for this process. Now when we want to store a number, all we need to do is find the letter equivalent of it. And remember, vowels are not counted as any number value. For example “sam” is 03, “toe” is 1, “sneaker” is 0274, and “palace” is 950.

Now let’s say my credit card number is: 4290 0245 6140 0021. What we can do is break down the number into eight pairs. So the pairs would be:

  • 42
  • 90
  • 02
  • 45
  • 61
  • 40
  • 00
  • 21

Then we need to create words for each of these numbers (nouns work best). We could do:

  • 42 is rain
  • 90 is pass (as in concert pass)
  • 02 is sun
  • 45 railing
  • 61 is shot (as in the drink)
  • 40 is rose
  • 00 is oasis
  • 21 is note

Story Time

Okay, now what we need to do is make a story out of each of these words. The first word will do something to the second and the second to the third and so forth.

So, our story could be: the rain made my pass wet, but the sun dried it off, so I grabbed onto the railing and took a shot to celebrate, which made me throw up a rose into an oasis which made the oasis smell funny which made me recieve a note saying never to do that again.

Yes, this story is weird, but it also is memorable because it is so weird. When you make your own story, try to make it as crazy as possible.

Now if you ever need to think of your credit card number, you can just imagine this story in your head to figure out the numbers!

If you are more advanced and you already know the memory palace technique, you can also just store the items in a memory palace without a story. For bigger numbers, the memory palace technique is going to work better and better. In the future, I will cover posts showing you how to memorize much longer numbers much more effectively using that technique.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, just comment below.

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